Karol Vargas

Associate Software Engineer with Mphasis

Blog Update May 2nd

May 02, 2019

QuizAGator 1.0.0

Quizagator is a web application that provides an interface for creating quizzes without the overhead of a GUI making quizzes creation tedious and in the case that the design of the GUI tool changes confusing. By allowing quiz creation through a text-based syntax it is possible to make quiz creation lightning fast and much more consistent than fiddling with GUI tools. Not to mention a text-based quiz creation allows for easy question duplication and modification. Quizagator supports uploading quizzes in CSV format and allows for grading with a custom grading program. The tool uses Flask with noSQL to manage quizzes and results, as well as storing any custom grading tools uploaded to the quizzes.


The tasks that I completed was helping find a way that we can implement a csv file uploader to allow for parsing of the csv file. This would in turn allow for teachers to upload their quizzes and then have the program parse through the quiz and create a quiz in online format. This quiz also takes in both multiple-choice and open-ended questions.

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