Karol Vargas

Associate Software Engineer with Mphasis


All Coding Projects Fantasy Football Checker Python2: https://cskarolvargas.netlify.com/FantasyFootballPy/ Honey Encryption Python3: https…

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Intro to Data Visualizations with Anaconda Navigator

May 17, 2019

Full Stack Friday Vol.1 Why is Big Data Imporant? Welcome to the Very First Full-Stack Friday Post. This week the what we will be covering…

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Python Grouper

May 15, 2019

Python groupSuggester What this program does is create a maplist of students attributes. With these attributes we assign each student a…

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Senior Thesis Final

May 11, 2019

Technical Report CS2019- theRightFit: A scalable web-framework for land, sea, and air quote estimating for Freight Forwarders Karol Vargas…

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Honey Encryption Python implementation

May 4, 2019

Honey Encryption is the future of encryption. Now you may ask what is encryption? It is the process of converting information or data into a…

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